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Streaming of the Sessions

VideoAssembly on Internet

Eurel in collaboration with Interact SpA, offers services of Council Session Streaming providing live and on demand transmissions of Council Sessions and Public Administration events and activities. The solutions that Eurel offers integrate technical functionalities such as capturing, encoding and indexing data with an innovative web interface for online consultation of digital recordings.

Accessing audio/video session files - via intranet and internet - enhances political debates and guarantees full political transparency of institutional activities. The total integration of the Multimedia Integrated System for Law-making Assembly Halls, as well as the indexing procedures according to speaker or topic, or based on the daily agenda, offers users the opportunity of advanced searching for audio/video contents.

Web consulting becomes a valid tool both for internal PA communication enabling a full share of information from the local network as well as for institutional communication. Ease in access and the completeness of the contents in fact involves citizens who wish to be updated and other PA reference bodies such as enterprises, the press and various other groups of interest involved in debating topics.

Via council session streaming services, the PA is able to adopt cost-saving communication solutions that ensure compliance with the standards of the Legge Stanca (the Stanca Law) for E-Government and E-Democracy projects.

The advantages offered by session streaming services follow:

  • Transparency of Assembly activities,
  • High level of Assembly works,
  • On-demand procedures for reviewing session phases, via a large number of search keys, such as: Members' names, discussion topics, votes, interventions, dates, session numbers, etc.
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