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Giovedì 27 Aprile 2017

Alberto Grifi (22nd of April 2007 – 22nd of April 2017)

It is now 10 years since Alberto Grifi passed away thus the Cultural Association, bearing his name as he had wished as well as founding it for the purpose of preserving, enhancing, promoting and spreading his works. The Association is now considering the first results by achieving important objectives and in this way honoring the memory of the man, of the artist as well as of a friend.

In the first place, let us mention that already for some months, activities involving the recovery and digitizing the most obsolete and risky archived material have begun, among which you will find ½ inch dedicated to Parco Lambro (27 hours) analog tapes, reduced personally (14 hours),and audio tapes on Zavattini. Recovery was financed equally by the Alberto Grifi Cultural Association and by the CSC-Cineteca Nazionale di Roma (National Film Archive) performed at the Camera Ottica at Gorizia.

After Anna was saved some years ago via the recovery and digitization of 11 filming hours and the recovery of the copy of the tape. Because of this new operation we are happy to have terminated what Alberto was most keen about during the last few years of his life and which he was the protagonist together with Interact of the technical project for the recovery of his oldest video tapes and consequently those more risky.

In the second place, thanks to the fundamental contribution of the CSC - the National Film Archive, during these years the works (in particular Anna) and the figure of the Alberto Grifi were promoted and distributed all over the world as a testimony of his already international profile. A few examples follow:

  • Cinema MM center (Zagabria) - 2017
  • Peggy Guggenheim (Venezia) - 2016
  • CIC - Contemporary Image Collective in Cairo - 2016
  • Xcèntric, the cinema of the CCCB (Center of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona) - 2014
  • Festival L'Age d'Or della Cinematek du Belgique (Bruxelles) - 2014
  • Sao Paulo International Film Festival - 2014
  • Copenaghen International Documentary Film Festival - 2014
  • Histoires en devenir (Ginevra) - 2014
  • Festival DMZ Docs di Paju (Corea del sud) - 2014
  • Lincoln Center (New York) - 2014
  • Centre Pompidou (Parigi) - 2014
  • Torino Film Festival - 2013
  • Cinema Spoutnik (Ginevra) - 2013
  • Festival Internazionale di Amiens (Francia) - 2013
  • Mumok (Vienna) - 2013
  • Images Détournées al Cinéma Action Christine (Parigi) - 2013
  • Vienna International Film Festival (Viennale) - 2012
  • Festival du Nouveau Cinéma di Montreal (Canada) - 2012
  • Fid - International Film Festival Marseille - 2012
  • Light Industry (New York) - 2012
  • Tate Modern (Londra) - 2012
  • Cinéma du Réel (Parigi) - 2012
  • Berlinale - 2012
  • International Film Festival di Rotterdam - 2012
  • Festival di Venezia - 2011
  • Lussas Doc - 2011
  • Festa del Cinema di Roma - 2007
  • Festival di Venezia - 2007

The main figure in essays, novels and and works of International artists such as:

  • Constanze Rhum

  • Rachel Kushner

Without forgetting all the requests arriving along these years from Italy: copies of films for reviews and exhibitions, rights involving the use of cinematographic and tv documents, contributions for studies, research and publishing essays.

Last but not least, before the year is out the Association has the ambitious objective involving a project regarding the research, selection and preservation of material on paper and photographs currently inexistent on archive as well as a project to render them available to the public.

Our memory, our commitment.

The Alberto Grifi Cultural Association.