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Lunedì 11 Novembre 2013

Verifica Incerta by Baruchello and Grifi at the 33rd International Festival at Amiens (from November 8 to 16 2013)

The 33rd edition of the International Cinema Festival at Amiens hosts the projection of the Verifica Incerta by Gianfranco Baruchello and Alberto Grifi. The Alberto Grifi Cultural Association, has over the years dedicated its activities of promoting and enhancing the works of Alberto Grifi and has continued its contacts with the Festival Organisation providing a copy of the film to be shown. The Festival is one of the major appointments with a participation in the European scenario of the independent cinema field. The Festival originated in 1980 thanks to the passion of a group of student cinema fans as they weren't happy about the programmes offered by the theatres. They then decided to create first an association, then a film magazine followed by a film festival. This festival was different and was open to all those international films that couldn't take part in the international circuits.

This year's edition presents over 300 works and hosts the review "L'autre néoréalisme" that offers a historical, cultural panorama ranging from the Italian Neorealistic Cinema of the postwar period up to documentary, independent films of the seventies. During this period there were many protagonists such as Baruchello and Grifi together with great names of the Italian cinema such as Roberto Rossellini, Pier Paolo Pasolini, Ermanno Olmi, Cesare Zavattini, Dino Risi, Michelangelo Antonioni e tanti altri.

November 13 at 4 p.m. Verifica Incerta by Baruchello and Grifi at the 33rd Internaltional Cinema at Amiens.