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The Cultural Association

About us

The Associazione Culturale Alberto Grifi was founded in 2006 decided upon by Alberto Grifi for the purpose of protecting the artistic heritage of the film director and for promoting, encouraging and implementing initiatives of a cultural, artistic nature.


The Association deals with defining and cataloguing the multiform artistic heritage (comprising audio/visual material and not only) of Alberto Grifi, constituting an archive and storing all the works as well as carrying out the activities required for the correct preservation of the same.

Protecting and managing the patrimony

The Association protects the artistic patrimony of Alberto Grifi, preventing any illegal or other use in cases where Alberto Grifi is not represented by the Association. As a precaution, it is pointed out that the works of Alberto Grifi may not be used on occasions and events that are not explicitly against violence, war and the violation of human or political rights, to be more precise that are not in line with the intentions and cultural heritage of Alberto Grifi.

The Association manages the works of Alberto Grifi, focusing on fulfilling the wishes of Alberto Grifi regarding the launching of projects based on his works.

Financing the Association

The Association provides for financing its activities by focusing on finding donations and sponsorships as well as implementing and marketing the editorial or audio/visual products they have created themselves, otherwise in co-production with selected persons. The Association is responsible for discovering institutions, companies, associations and single bodies such as promoters or operators for producing editions whose purpose it is to disseminate, distribute and market the works.

The Association further organises events, seminaries and educational studies that are in line with the artistic, cultural heritage of Alberto Grifi.

Other objectives

The Association aims to enhance the 'other' audio/visual productions for the purpose of finding new narrative forms and audio/visual communication. The Association is further a meeting place for getting together, thus accomplishing the social function of human and civil maturing and growth through artistic and visual communication.

The Association offers itself as a reference point for all the artists and researchers involved, so that they may find in the various facets and expressions of Alberto Grifi's audio/visual productions, a means focusing on professional, artistic growth and development.

The internet site

Through the attention and updating of the internet site, the Association will provide news of events, performances and novelties that concern the aims and objectives of the Association and the development of projects regarding the cultural, artistic heritage of Alberto Grifi.

Projects that have been accomplished or in the phase of being accomplished.

  • Creation of an Alberto Grifi Archive

  • Restoring the works of Alberto Grifi

  • Recovering all Alberto Grifi's works, by producing documentaries and completing unfinished films

  • Promotion, in Italy and abroad, of the works of Alberto Grifi through festivals and reviews

  • Promotion on-line of the works of Alberto Grifi through events and publications.