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  • In Viaggio verso Grifi - Unpublished interview of Alberto Grifi by Canecapovolto with Roberto Silvestri (Italia 2006-2013, 16')

    6 and 7 April 2007. Annamaria Licciardello organized an interview with Alberto Grifi in Rome, involving Roberto Silvestri. Certainly Grifi did not look well however he greatly desired to talk. During the 4-hour interview (of which we assembled the first 35 via radio) he took hold of and tenderly communicated all the themes concerning the thoughts and works of Alberto Grifi. We assembled the filming a week ago, overcoming our initial reserve involving the image of Alberto Grifi and were further stimulated by the young people belonging to the Sicilian Regional Film Library (Canecapovolto)
  • Paperina si rivede by Alberto Grifi

    Alberto, Alberto, how wonderful it was today to see this work of yours for the first time and what a gift our friendship was. Looking at it now at fifty three years old and you, who are in another world, has made the sense of our journey together more real. Mine and yours was a Zen relationship, I say it with a smile, but I insist on saying so. It was a relationship of a generous abandon and trust in the ideas and lives of each other, without having the way or the time to enter into detail. It was like an intuition that permitted a "vision into the heart of things". Seeing this film after many years, made me understand its meaning , it helped me to understand well what you were saying through my words, the way I looked, the way I smiled, the way you used life itself - the material being an instrument for expression. Your movie camera touched me without transforming me and I was not aware of it. What appears is the wonder, the surprise and the enjoyment at recalling our old-fashioned things, the way we lived, what linked us today to what we thought and felt in the past. The wonder of seeing ideas, hopes, dreams, fantasies, utopias, the absolute together with the irrational, the insanity, all these things together that touched out souls, that had strongly affected the way our lives went on. Whenever you and I were on opposite sides of the camera, it was clear to both of us that that the focal point was elsewhere. This projection of "elsewhere" was based on such a large number of common perceptions that were never revealed and which rendered us available to each other. However I was absolutely unaware of what your project was, what your ideas about the material that you were creating were. I only knew that you were Alberto and that Alberto for me was a passepartout and I, in the meantime was Paperina and not even you were fully aware of my project, of my way of life. All in all we have permitted that our way of life was dedicated to the other without expectations. Being and becoming. What else is there to say? Buon Viaggio, Alberto. Paperina.
  • Il Festival del Proletariato Giovanile al Parco Lambro by Alberto Grifi

    27 recording hours and 16 mm hours about the Festival of the Young Working Class taking place at the Parco Lambro in Milan in June, 1976, organized by the "Re Nudo" magazine, hosting 150,000 spectators. At the beginning the opera was financed by the organizers who focused on creating a film-concert. However the film actually met with the protests against the musicals by the young working class including all the articles that the organizers counted on selling such as bread rolls, beer, books and discs termed as "left wing". Length 58'
  • Orgonauti, evviva!!! by Alberto Grifi

    In a distant future, a spaceship hosting a group of young people, descendents of a "subversive" minority saved from the destruction of the Earth, recovered a capsule where the hibernated body of a reactionary warmonger was preserved. A visual experiment capable of freeing the sight is mingled with psychedelic visions on one hand and on the other recalling the theory of orgone as proposed at the time by Reich. Direction, photography and assembly: Alberto Grifi; Music: Alvin Curran - Electronic music VIVA; Interpreters: Aya Alkin, Paolo Brunatto, Poupée Brunatto, Sandra Cardini, Giordano Falzoni, Gianna Gelmetti, Alberto Hammerman, Alfredo Leonardi, Silvana Leonardi, Saro Liotta, Sophie Marland, Gioacchino Saitto; Produzione: Corona Cinematografica; Origin: Italy; Year: 1968-70; Length: 20'
  • Jusqu'au derniere bout d'essai by Paolo Lapponi

    The interview contained in this video is by Antonella Eye Porcelluzzi , filmed in 2003 in the Foundation Baruchello where Alberto had his atelier. "From the environments where life originates, we still retain its memory today in our genetics, our emotions and in the chemistry of our bodies: up there on the Formentera lighthouse, the tears we cry were pure drops of sea water, an antique patrimony, liquid convex lens in a saline solution, where visual emotions pass through, capable of lighting up instantaneous, psychedelic flashbacks related to our past and our future." (Paolo Lapponi) Dedicated to Alberto Grifi. Length: 14'