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Brief Filmography

Verifica incerta (1964)

A cinematographic massacre of famous Hollywood films assembled again with a tinge of Dada. It was presented for the first time in Paris where it caused the enthusiasm of Marcel Duchamp, Man Ray and Max Ernst as well as the ostentatious contempt of many famous Italian cinematographic critics. John Cage was enthusiastic about the sound track and presented it to the New York Museum of Modern Art.

It was restored and presented at the 61st Mostra Internazionale d'Arte cinematografica under the section Underground Italia.

Length: 30'

Transfert per kamera verso Virulentia (1966-67)

Based on a theatrical work by Aldo Braibanti, the special effects were used in an attempt to create a new visual language able to describe "a new geography of perception and infinite imagery, recollections arising from a very distant phylogenetic past of our animal ancestors' regalo delle sostanze psicotrope".

Restored and presented at the 61st Mostra Internazionale d'Arte cinematografica di Venezia under the section Underground Italia.

Length: 22'

Il grande freddo (1971)

A film about painting and its denial concerning Giordano struggling with the Sleeping Beauty, this is the challenge. Will art, free of museums and academies be able to give back to the child raped and abandoned on the snow, the desire to go on living? Giordano, Prince Charming bearing butterfly catchers and rotating optical games, plods along sinking into the snow and…. but revolutionary creativity is not the one that makes the bird in the cage sink: is it the reason why the imprisoned bird breaks the cage.

Length: 20'

Anna (1972-75) 11 hours of filming then cut down to 3 hours, 45 minutes in which a sixteen-year-old drugged, pregnant hippy is filmed running wild around Piazza Navona. Transferred onto equipment built for the purpose by Grifi himself, the video was then presented at the Festival di Berlino and the Biennale di Venezia in 1975 and at Cannes in 1976.

Restored and presented at the 68th Mostra Internazionale d'Arte cinematografica di Venezia under the section Orizzonti.

Length: 3h 45'

Il festival del proletariato giovanile al Parco Lambro (1976)

27 hours of recording and 3 16mm hours on the Festival del Proletariato Giovanile that took place at the Parco Lambro di Milano in June 1976, organized by the magazine "Re Nudo", attended by 150 thousand spectators. At the beginning, the work was financed by the organizers who focused on proposing a film in the form of a film-concert, but actually the film recorded the contention by young workers against musicals and all the productions that the organizers were counting on selling, bread rolls, beer, books and 'left wing' disks

Length: 58'

Lia (1977)

The intervention of a student at the "counter convention" at the Fabbrica della Comunicazione di Brera, against the convention on anti-psychiatry by A. Vermiglione.

Length: 26'

Michele alla ricerca della felicità (1978)

This film was first commissioned then censored by Rai2, where Michele who was a political prisoner was present at the violent assaults and rage of the prison guards on a drug addict.

Length: 23'

Dinni e la normalina (1978)

This is a futuristic political theory where the state transformed citizens into perfect workers through a drug called normaline but with unexpected results....

Length: 27'

A proposito degli effetti speciali (2001)

This film deals with the theme of the heritage left to the underground cinema by the historical avant garde, with Alessandra Vanzi (La Gaia Scienza) in the role of Miss Ontophilogenesis, Grifi and Man Ray (filmed in his Parisian studios with Gianfranco Baruchello) riflessi in uno specchio deformante. It was sent to the 58th Biennale di Venezia (Nuovi territori) in 2002.

Length: 40'

Autoritratto Auschwitz / L'occhio è per così dire l'evoluzione biologica di una lagrima (1965/68-2007)

The voce-over reads a condemnation where maltreatment undergone by a young man transferred to the S. Vittore prison in Milan to the Mamone prison in Sardinia was described.
The images, among which those discarded of Il deserto rosso where Monica Vitti tries to cry, were found in the waste paper baskets from a moviola and assembled on a film in the Auschwitz concentration camp.

Presented at the 64th Mostra Internazionale d'Arte cinematografica di Venezia.

Length: 35'

In viaggio con Patrizia (1966/67-2007)

A trip in an automobile described in the style of the phonetic poetry by Patrizia Vicinelli.

In 2007 Alberto Grifi started a new assembly of the film that after he died, was terminated on the basis of the notes that he had left. Music is by Paolo Fresu.

Presented at the 2007 edition of the Festa del cinema di Roma.

Length: 50'