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From 2000

"A proposito degli effetti speciali" was produced in 2001 on the theme of the patrimony inherited by the underground cinema by the historical avant garde, with Alessandra Vanzi (La Gaia Scienza) in the role of Miss Ontophilogenesis, Grifi and Man Ray (filmed in his Parisian studios with Gianfranco Baruchello) riflessi in uno specchio deformante. He was invited to the 58th Biennale di Venezia (Nuovi Territori) in 2002.

Grifi recently designed and built in the Fondazione Baruchello laundrette machines for regenerating video magnetic tapes deteriorated because of age, in a laboratory for the purpose of saving old analogue open reel rvm on digital media.

In September 2004, inside the scientific park of Tortona, a laundrette machine designed by Alberto Grifi and produced by the Consorzio Media Communications is still running. It is used for regenerating the physical state of analogue tape emulsion and returning it onto a digital support.

The laundrette that regenerates the physical state of the emulsion, achieved brilliant results, in fact, it can be said that the main problem that before prevented restoration, may now be considered solved.

The structure was specifically designed for meeting the need for restoring video tapes recorded during the sixties and seventies.

Urla Mute, a performance by Alessandra Vanzi went on stage in 2002 at the Certosa di San Lorenzo in Padula, during the exhibition "Le Opere e I Giorni" conceived and attended to by Achille Bonito Olivo. There were four different types of apparel, four different types of oppression: the Afghan women who painted their nails and their eyes before being imprisoned in their burka, the new Palestinian kamikazes who were wearing belts with dynamite inside their underwear, young girls from Eastern, often university graduates obliged to be streetwalkers, women from the rich western side of Europe forced to starve themselves as a result of a psychological belief, hampered by capitalistic luxury that imposes an aesthetic-seductive model seeming to be the result of a free choice but which, on the contrary, is dictated by the market.