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The Eighties

During the eighties Grifi worked for a salary on a Rai contract (Mixer and others) and for civil industrial Companies in the USA, Latin America, Australia, and South-east Asia, in Hong Kong sewers and the underground excavations for the hydro-electrical power stations at the Amazonian boundaries.

He participated in a research team at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston USA, in a study involving the interactions between video images of moving bodies and electronic storage for the purpose of analyzing sports activities.

He produced a large number of radio broadcasts on the functioning of abattoirs and mass media.

Retrospettives by the Filmstudio di Roma, Festival di Bellaria, Festival di Pesaro, Arsenale di Pisa, Museo Pecci di Prato, Achab di Catania, Leoncavallo and the Università di Architettura di Milano, Filmfestival di Genova, Università di Antropologìa di Perugia (Batik), the Cineteca comunale, Dams and the Link di Bologna, Immagine leggera di Palermo, 'Alambicco di Cagliari, Eliogabalo Fivizzano (comunicare fa male), Museo del cinema di Torino, Beaubourg di Parigi (Monter Sampler), etc. were dedicated to him.

His theoretical writings were published in a large number of magazines on cinema.